Every year, tax season comes along. People start to panic about their taxes in some cases, while others get excited to get tax returns. Don’t get too far ahead of yourself, because even if you think you know what to expect, you might be mistaken.

Every year, there are some things that can help you get your taxes right. Here are three steps to remember.

1. Get a good filing system in place

A good tax filing system is the first step to paying the right amount come tax time. This filing system should keep information on your expenses and transactions completed during the year. Keep all important documents in one place, so they’re ready to use when you go to work on your taxes.

2. Look into tax credits

Tax credits are great for individuals because they help you save money on a dollar-for-dollar basis. Credits are usually offered for only a few years at a time, if even that long, so it’s worth researching them each year to see what’s available.

3. Work with your tax attorney

Finally, the best tip is to work with your tax attorney. If you work with a professional, you’ll know that your taxes are done right and that you’ve received every tax break that it’s possible to get that year. On top of that, most professionals provide a guarantee that they’ll help if the IRS decides to audit your taxes, which can give you great peace of mind.

Don’t let taxes daunt you. With the right help, it’s easy to get them done right.